The Glow Points program: This is how it works

The Glow Points program: This is how it works

First of all, the Glow Points program of Clay And Glow was created to make online shopping even more fin. It’s very simple: with every euro you spend on our website, you can save points. Read along to find out how!


There are different ways to earn points. As example; you can earn 35 points by signing up on our program, 25 points by following us on Instagram and 100 points (!!!) by just celebrating your birthday. Below you find a scheme to see what all the options:

  • Sign up: +35 points
  • Like on Facebook: +25 points
  • Share on Facebook: +15 points
  • Follow on Twitter: +5 points
  • Share on Twitter: +5 points
  • Follow op Instagram: +25 points
  • Celebrate your birthday: +100 points
  • Place an order: +1 point for every euro spend on our website


Of course you can also redeem all the points you’ve saved up. In exchange for your points balance, we will give you a suitable voucher as gift. See below how many points you need to collect for the value of your voucher:

  • 50 points = free shipping
  • 100 points = €5 coupon
  • 200 points = €10 coupon
  • 300 points = €15 coupon
  • 400 points = €20 coupon


The Glow Members who share the program with their friends are of course also rewarded. As a Glow Member, you can generate a unique link to give our friends a €5 voucher. Once they’ve made their purchase, this voucher is automatically added to your account as well. Give €5 and receive €5!


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