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First of all, congratulations! You or someone you know is pregnant and you are looking for new skincare products. Nothing too complicated, but there are some important things to consider. Pregnant women preferably want to stay away from retinol (vitamin A) and arbutin (+ derivatives). However, there are other ingredients that might be very nice for the skin to use during pregnancy, such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin C (instead of arbutin) or sunscreen with sufficient SPF. It can be a lot of work to deep-dive into all the ingredients of beauty products. That’s why we did it for you! Here, you can find all products that are nice and safe for the pregnant woman.



What a pity you suffer from redness! But do not be sad, we dove into this topic for you. First of all, it is important to say that this skin concern can have multiple causes. So, may you suffer from this a lot, it could be recommended to go visit a specialist about it. Apart from that, there are a few products that are better left behind, such as hard soaps or skin dehydrating cleansers (with alcohol). Also the tough scrubs and cleansing brushes are not going to be very beneficial. However, ingredients that your skin will like are retinol, skin repairing ingredients and hydrating products. Here are some of those products, carefully selected for your skin concern!




Having impurities can be a super annoying skin condition, which manifests itself in multiple ways. For example, by acne or large pores. The same products can help for both of these skin concerns but there is one important difference: scrubbing. When you have large pores, you wan to scrub all the dead skin cells away, but never do this if you have acne. This can open up the inflammation/pimples and spread bacteria all over your face in that way. This gets you into more trouble, which is obviously not what we want. Luckily, we have products that are specifically manufactured for impurities. Our specials are the Pink Clay Mask and the Triple AHA Straw-Jelly Cleanser. These products are acne-fighting and give your skin an amazing glow. Find the products your skin will appreciate here!




We all get older every day, but a good anti-aging routine can definitely prevent this from showing in your face. There are a few ingredients you want in your products to fight against these fine lines. First of all, a good sunscreen that protects your skin from the sun and blue light. But a good vitamin C boost and hyaluronic acid will definitely be appreciated by your skin as well. Also, we can not forget to mention the famous retinol. So, here are all the products that will help you compose your perfect anti-aging routine!




Facing hyperpigmentation or skin discoloration is frustrating. But even when you do not suffer from this yet, preventing is better than curing! Therefore, you can find products here that support and protect your skin in terms of pigment. The sun is the biggest boogeyman when it comes to pigment concerns, so a good sunscreen with SPF can not miss in your routine. It is also important to properly exfoliate to make sure the dead skin cells are removed and your skin can regenerate itself constantly. Here the products that are nice to use against skin conditions, such as pigment spots!