Ingredients: Pink Clay Mask


If you are curious about the ingredients we use in our Pink Clay Mask, then you will love this information below. Our mask is 100% vegan, cruelty free and contains no nasties! Please keep in mind that everyone's skin is different, so results are different per person. We did a lot of research and wanted to include the best of the best ingredients, fruits and herbs in our mask, to have the best results possible for our customers.

Our Pink Clay Mask does not contain paraben, perfume, gluten, silicones, PEGs, alcohol, added dyes (only a natural, mineral powder) and is 100% cruelty free and vegan!

pink clay


Our Pink Clay is the perfect clay for sensitive skin, pink clay enhances the skin's condition and appearance, especially when stressed or tired.

The clay is also used to detoxify the face, absorbing and removing impurities. It is said to stimulate circulation of the blood and lymph systems, possibly reducing cellulite and provides a toned, refreshed and youthful glow.

Origin: France



Aloe Vera is different because it not only contains all the vitamins and antioxidants your skin desires, but it can also be used as a spot treatment for acne. Usually, spot treatments are known to dry out your skin, but Aloe Vera is actually known for being extremely hydrating and can even be used raw as a moisturizer in the right form.

Other benefits of using Aloe Vera on your skin include anti-aging, boosting cell turnover, and of course, soothing and healing burns or redness. Basically, this stuff is the remedy for all skin concerns.

Origin: South Africa


Acai Berry


The high amount of antioxidants in Açaí is one of the reasons why açaí is one of our favorite ingredients in our face mask. The açaí berry's anti-inflammatory properties make it great to fight acne and get rid of impurities. Açaí is a big trend in healthy food recipes and now also in skincare!

Origin: The Amazon region, South America



black quinoaBLACK QUINOA

Black quinoa is the holy grain of the Incas. They have grown the black quinoa for thousands of years. They even call quinoa the gold of the Inca's! Black quinoa contains high levels of vitamin E. This means black quinoa helps restore damaged skin because it can stimulate new collagen synthesis. The vitamin B in the black quinoa reduces dark spots and helps brighten your skin.

Origin: Altiplano, the high plain of Bolivia, South America



In our mask we use the butter of the mango. The butter is made from the seeds from the mango. The creamy butter of the mango is full of antioxidants that deeply moisturize your skin and will leave your skin glowing. The Vitamin C in mango butter helps to boost the skin, brightening it, while the Vitamin A helps to increase the skin's youthful appearance and reducing fine lines. Mango butter is a rich moisturizer, it is very soothing and healing. 

Origin: Italy



The high antioxidants in licorice help the skin to recover from acne or scarring. It has anti-inflammatory effects and is often used to lighten pigmentation. Licorice has it's good reputation because it is helpful for sensitive skin. It also helps balance oil, this makes licorice a good ingredient for those with oily skin as well.

Origin: Syria, Turkey, Spain and Azerbaijan





We not only source our products from the land, but also from the ocean! Sea Kelp has been used for centuries and rightly so. It has minerals that remove toxins and penetrate the skin. Kelp in skincare is perfect for dry and flaky patches of the skin. It is known to soften and hydrate dry skin. It is known to reduce the appearance of breakouts.  

Origin: Norway




Did you know pomegranate contains 48% Vitamin C? No wonder it is a populair ingredient in many skincare products! Pomegranate reduces skin inflammation and helps with skin repair. It has excellent moisturising and nourishing properties. It also helps with skin cell regeneration and helps wound healing

Origin: Turkey



We have a queen in the house, the queen of the herbs! Rosemary has a lot of health benefits and that is why it can't be missed in our mask. The nutrients of rosemary can help protect skin cells from damage often caused by the sun and free radicals. Since rosemary has natural antiseptic properties, it's a superior disinfectant for our skin. 

Origin: Germany





Witch hazel has been used for centuries by Native Americans and nowadays it's a favorite by many! When applied to the skin, witch hazel have the potential to ease irritation, injury, and inflammation. Some of the most common uses include acne, inflammatory conditions, and sunburn. 

Origin: France

The full ingredient list: 
Kaolin (KAOLIN CLAY), Aqua (WATER), Polyglyceryl-4 Laurate, Glycerin (PALM FREE VEGATABLE GLYCERIN), Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder (ALOE VERA), Argilla (CLAY), Euterpe Oleracea Fruit Extract (ACAI), Chenopodium Quinoa Seed Extract (BLACK QUINOA), Mangifera Indica Seed Butter (MANGO), Punica Granatum Seed Oil (POMEGRANATE), Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root Extract (LICORICE), Retinyl Palmitate (VITAMIN A), Tocopherol (VITAMIN E), Undaria Pinnatifida Extract (KELP), Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Extract (ROSEMARY), Arachis Hypogaea Oil, Lactic Acid, Hamamelis Virginiana Flower Water (WITCH HAZEL), Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, CI 12490