The difference between hydrating and moisturizing creams

The difference between hydrating and moisturizing creams

Hydrating skin care products are very similar to moisturizing products. This is because they both have the same goal, which is to provide the skin with moisture. Read along to find out the difference between hydrating and moisturizing skin care products.

Moisturizing creams

Moisturizers consists of oil-based ingredients. Natural and mineral oils are way too large/thick to penetrate deeply into the skin. A moisturizer therefore serves as a (protective) layer on the skin, so the moisture can escape less quickly. This makes the skin feel soft and more elastic again!

A moisturizer is especially suitable for dry and flaky skin. This skin type definitely could use some extra protection of the skin barrier. This allows the skin to retain moisture better and therefore the moisture loss will decrease considerably.

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Hydrating creams

A hydrating product consist mainly of humectants, which help to draw the moisture from the air and bring it down to the skin. Think of ingredients such as urea, glycerine and alpha hydroxy acids. But hyaluronic acid is also a well-known humectant, as it’s a naturally occurring humectant that reduces the visible signs of skin aging. Finally, aloe vera is also a popular natural humectant, as this ingredient can also soothe redness, sensitivity and irritation.

In short, there are lots of ingredients that can help hydrate the skin. A hydrating skin care product is suitable for both dry and oily skin, as it cannot clog pores and therefore lead to potential breakouts.

Hydrating Moisturizer

That’s why the Clay And Glow Hydrating Moisturizer has the best of both worlds. This product doesn’t only consists of natural oils, but also has glycerin and hyaluronic acid. That means the Hydrating Moisturizer, as the name implies, has both a hydrating and moisturizing effect.

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