5 benefits of using Niacinamide

5 benefits of using Niacinamide

Niacinamide is also well known as Vitamin B3. It is a water-liquid vitamin, which interacts with substances that are already in your body. It has several advantages:

  1. It reduces and shrinks pores
    Niacinamide works on the inside of the pores. It keeps the dirt from accumulating. This prevents clogged pores. It does not make your pores shrink but they will go back to their current size. In this way they appear smaller than usual.
  1. Smoothes and refines lines and wrinkles
    Niacinamide increases collagen in your body. As you age, the collagen in your body decreases. Niacinamide increases collagen production by 54%. Fine lines and wrinkles will become less visible. 
  1. Make dull skin glow again
    The skin is exposed to UV-radiation on a daily basis. This can have a negative effect on your skin complexion. Niacinamide ensures that the skin complexion comes back up. Note Niacinamide does not prevent damage to skin cells caused by UV radiation. So it is still very important to use sun protection.

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  1. Is Anti-Inflammatory
    Tallow is an oily substance. Our skin produces this to prevent your skin from drying out. If your skin produces too much sebum, you can get impurities. Research has shown that Niacinamide reduces the amount of Tallow. Because of this you will also suffer less from impurities and in this way it is anti-inflammatory.
  1. Improves Hydration
    It also prevents moisture loss and thus dehydrated skin, because it stimulates the natural production of ceramides. Ceramides strengthen the skin. Deficiency of ceramides increases skin fragility and can cause random skin problems such as dry, flaky or very sensitive skin. If you suffer from dry skin, you can use niacinamide to boost the moisturizing properties of day and night creams.


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